Being the Sister Company of the MMYPEM Group, As Pontes is a company set up by professional partners with wide, extensive and proven experience in the field of industrial and precision machining, industrial assembly, fluid piping systems, supervision of assembly and commissioning of industrial installations, especially in the field of energy. Being a global market leader hailing from Spain, we had a few language barriers to overcome but that was the simple part. The real obstacle was implementing systems that the Spanish understood as their laws are very much relaxed versus ours here in South Africa.

Having a Multi-National Organisation come to South Africa in order to aid in the construction and commissioning of Steam generated Turbines to produce Renewable Energy - we knew that we had our work cut out for us. The Company was registered and kicked off in terms of operations at the speed of light. Hiring unique and skilled candidates would be the biggest challenge as these candidates are not necessarily freely available. Nonetheless, we hired the best of the best and implemented the HR Structure which ran operations from Kathu in the Northern Cape.