In its intense history, Vespa has been the protagonist of cultural and social revolutions, musical and lifestyle movements, films, works of art and songs. It has survived changes in trends and styles and today, in the era of digital and social communication, it is present without barriers and with immediacy worldwide. It truly is an icon of unique design and values of environmental sensitivity and independence.

Having a brand dubbed the “Ferrari of Scooters”, it was only imperative that the Human Asset Management function would follow suit. Like a chopped Vespa: simple, direct, and functional. We had to develop this bad boy from scratch. Developing and implementing systems that never existed in terms of HR Administration, HR Reporting, Industrial Relations, Performance Management, Employment Equity, Skills Development and Occupational Health and Safety. All of this had to be done without a shell – just the engines (people) that drive the business on a daily basis.


Utilizing over thirty (30) years of combined work experience, newly drafted documentation, and a modern interpretation of HR systems and processes in South Africa, each functional element of their Human Asset Management department was crafted with precision and sharp focus. Vespa's Corporate Culture and Fun atmosphere made the process simple in order to reflect their straightforward, streamlined process.

We set out to ensure that all the policies and procedures were drafted in terms of what was expected with regards to behaviour and we implemented metrics to measure performance. With the foundation set, we ensured that all employees had employment contracts in line with South African Labour laws. Once completed, we implemented Employment Equity, Skills Development and Occupational Health and Safety. We can safely say that the Human Asset Management department is running like a well-oiled machine. There is a Synergy with all the building blocks working together better than ever.


The Vespa brand transformed from being non-compliant to the biggest “Badasses” in terms of Human Asset Management that the Scooter Industry has ever seen. With all the checks and balances ticked off the list, there isn’t much left to do but ride through the open air and embrace this lovely thing called life. Vespa now has a fully functional Human Asset Management department dedicated to a range of ethical codes and systems that work daily.